Early Retirement in Your 30s with Frugalwoods

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Looking to be financially independent sooner? Learn how Liz and Nate from Frugalwoods found their homestead, prepared for early retirement while caring for baby!

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How the Frugalwoods Family are Retiring in Their 30s

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After years working hard and stashing away their nest egg, Liz and Nate are looking forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor. They own two homes – a townhouse in Boston and a homestead sitting on 66 acres in a scenic area in Vermont.

But Liz and Nate are a bit different than you’re probably imagining- these lovebirds are planning to retire by 33.  And they’re making it happen with a baby in tow.

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Early Retirement Links and Resource

If you want to learn more about early retirement, here are some resources to check out:

Thank You to Our SupportersLearn how Liz and Nate found their homestead, prepared for early retirement while caring for baby!

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