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How to Embrace (& Financially Prepare for) Change as a Couple with Jessica Moorhouse

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Ready to take a big leap, but not sure how your money fits in? Jessica Moorhouse shares her story and tips on how to financially prepare for big changes as a couple!

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Embracing Change as a Couple


This week we’re celebrating being in San Diego for FINCON!
To celebrate, I’m taking a break from the usual schedule and I’ll have interviews with some of the biggest and best names in personal finance.
Today I want to share a wonderful chat I had with writer, podcaster, and now video producer Jesscia Moorhouse.  
And how she became one of the most popular personal finance bloggers in Canada in a relatively short time I think is due in part to her ability to embrace change. 
In this interview we get into how she went from studying film to becoming a personal finance expert, how she and her husband made a major leap to a new city for their careers, and the winding journey of home ownership.  She’ll also share how they dealt with hiccups along the way. 
Hope you enjoy!
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Resources to Be Financially Preparehow-to-make-a-big-leap-couple-money-podcast

Before you make a big move or change, get your finances squared away.

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