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Enjoying Local Deals and Eating Well

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Learn how to make this summer even better by finding the best local deals and saving a ton of money when you’re shopping for fresh foods. 

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Another week is done and the Summer of Savings continues!

With so many people outside enjoying the warmer weather, now can be fantastic opportunity to discover some new spots around town. Groupon and Living Social can be easy waysr to snag a deal, but they’re not the only options.

Getting the Best Local Deals


If you want to rediscover your town, you might want to check out my post on the blog about finding the best local deals.  I gave my list of apps and sites that can help you find local events, concerts, and shopping deals. Two of them include:

  • BandsInTown: Stay up to date with the bands performing in your area. You can link up your Pandora playlist to get a personalized concert calendar based on the music you love.
  • Dealspotting: Other shoppers submit deals to the app allowing you to uncover some less publicized specials on some venues and shops.

If you have any sites or apps that you absolutely love, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Eating Well and Saving MoneyHave an awesome date night without breaking the bank! Learn how you to can score deals the next time you're out.

The other big post this week was from yesterday. I gave 7 ways you can save money while eating well.

  • Shop in season. Eating seasonally can save you big bucks at the grocery stores. If you can, preserve or freeze what you can for off season.
  • Shop local. You don’t have to visit all the farms in the area (though it can be fun!). There are farmer’s markets and CSA programs that allow you to be more familiar with how your food was grown or raised.

Please check them when you have a minute so you can maximize your savings.

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