Financial Freedom by 30

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Jacob and Vanessa, the Cash Cow Couple, are in their twenties and well on their way to being financially by the time the reach thirty. They share their story on how have simplified their finances and are enjoying their marriage more. 

Many couples want to be financially independent, but don’t where to begin. With debts burdening them, it can seem like a far goal. Today’s guests want help you reduce waste, eliminate debt, and reach financial independence.

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Debt Free and Happy with Cash Cow Couple

Jacob and Vanessa, the Cash Cow Couple, are a young couple in their 20s and they just recently celebrated their second anniversary. In that short amount of time, they’ve become debt free.

In this episode Jacob and Vanessa share:Get tips on becoming debt free and financially independent.

  • their plan to become financially free by the time they’re 30
  • how they slashed their monthly expenses without depriving themselves
  • and why they don’t use a budget

We also discuss how to track your spending easily and save quite a bit of money on your cell phone bills.

Selected Links from the Episode

  • Republic Wireless– They offer low cost smartphone plans, starting at $5/month.
  • Wealthfront – An automated investing option that Jacob and Vanessa recommend.
  • Personal Capital – You can easily track your money with them and they have several free tools to help you optimize your investments. Check out Personal Capital.

Thanks to Jacob and Vanessa for taking the time and sharing their story and tips. If you want to find out more about them please visit Cash Cow Couple.  You can also chat with them on Twitter and Facebook.

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