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Finding the Best Joint Checking Account for You

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One of the best ways to keep your money working for the two of you is to make sure it is stashed in the best bank.

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Why Your Joint Checking Matters

Getting the right checking account can make a huge difference. Too many people settle for bad or minimum customer service because they think that all banks are the same. In fact, over the last few years more and more attractive options are popping up for those willing to move their money.

After being fed up with our old bank, we started looking around to see what options were available. We were on the lookout for a FDIC insured checking account that would offer:

  • No monthly maintenance fee: I understand banks have the right to charge what they want, but I expect something in return. with most banks the fees offered no extra service or benefits, so we wanted no fees for our checking account.
  • $0 required minimum balance: If the interest rate is pathetic, why would we want to keep a larger balance with our checking account?
  • Free online BillPay service: This is a must as we prefer to handle our bills online due to its convienence and control.
  • Conveniently located ATMs: Whether we went with a bank or credit union we needed a way to access our money after bank hours. Having ATMs nearby is important as we’re trying to avoid fees from out of network ATMs.
  • Earn some interest rate if possible: Not necessary, but a bonus.

Wonderful Banks for Your Joint Accounts

If you shopping around for a better bank option, here are some fantastic, low hassles ones to consider when you have some time. Nerd Wallet has also compiled a list of online checking accounts.

Capital 360

It has been a few years since we made the switch to Capital 360 and we have been very happy with the level of service they have given. While they do not have the highest interest rate now compared to some other online banks, the customer service has been great.

You can open a checking account with Capital 360, simply click here to get started and get a $50 bonus!

Ally Bank

You’ve probably seen the Ally commercials and how they are different. While we haven’t used them for checking, we do have a joint savings account with them. Again, their customer service has been better than what we received at our old bank. They tend to be towards the top with interest rates, so if you have a savings goal, they can be your solution.

You can open a checking account with Ally Bank, simply click here to get started.


If you or a family member have served in the military, see if you can qualify to become a USAA member. I’ve heard some great things about them from others and how they go above and beyond with their customer service.

You can open a checking account with USAA, simply click here to get started.

Regional Banks and Credit Unions

What if you’re not comfortable with online banking? I know some people prefer to have a place they can go into and have a face to face conversation. I want to suggest two options – regional banks and credit unions.

Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

I have several relatives who switched to credit unions and have noticed a huge difference with the attention and care they get for their accounts. Looking at some ads in our area, I’ve also noted that some of them are offering very competitive interest rates on their accounts.

Find a Bank That Works for You

Where you bank is important, so make sure you look at everything before you switch your money over. I hope the two of you find a bank or credit union that treats you with the respect that you deserve and is a helpful partner with your finances.

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