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Welcome to the Couple Money Podcast

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Scheduled Launch Date: September 15, 2014(A little late, but it finally launched)

Welcome to the Couple Money Podcast Website!

With this new podcast, I hope to help those looking for tips on building their finances as couple, but prefer to get their content in audio format. With the average commute time for Americans around 25 minutes each way, there is a certain segment of people looking to enrich their commute with some helpful information.

Tackling Money Questions, One At a Time

Starting off this new podcast, I decided that the first episodes would be based on some of the biggest money questions and topics on Couple Money, such as:

  • How do I start talking about money with my spouse?
  • How can we dig ourselves out of debt?
  • How can we manage our money without counting every single penny?

It’s my hope that the podcast will help you two reach financial freedom together.

Live on One Income, Have Fun with the Second

If you’re a Couple Money reader, you’ve seen me talk about living on one income and having fun with the second. For those new to my ‘catchphrase’, you may be wondering what I mean by that.

The first part is about keeping your necessary expenses covered by one income. It can be a huge change for some, but it is a stress reliever when you have a buffer in your budget.

I’m a bigger believer that couples should have more than one income stream, even if only one works full-time.  Diversifying your family’s income is one huge way you can add some security to your finances.

What do I mean by having fun? It depends on your family’s current financial situation.

First things first, if you two don’t have some savings stashed away, that is a great way to add a bit of safety margin to your budget. 

If you two have high interest debt, use that second income to pay it down.

Once you have taken care of your family’s immediate needs, it’s important to look at your future.

If you two have managed to take care of all of that, now you can focus on growing your money and possibly retire early.

The Couple Money Podcast will feature shows that tackle each step of the way including interviews with those who have been successful and have reached their goals.

If you have any questions or topics you’d like cover, please email me.

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