How to Stop Fighting About Money and Build Wealth Instead

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Welcome to another episode of the Couple Money Podcast where we talk about building up your marriage and your net worth.

Today’s topic addresses one of the biggest obstacles to that – having disagreements about money.

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Avoiding Money FightsLearn how one couple worked together to get out of $100k of debt.

For the vast majority of couples,  coming up with a budget, paying down debt, or saving for a goal takes time. Not just to follow through on a plan, but to come to an agreement.

Focus for this episode is to find solutions to help couples communicate better and more honestly with each other.

We’ll open up by discussing why do we argue about money and how we can diffuse the tension.

Today we have Toni from Debt Free Divas share her family’s story about digging out of more than $100k out of debt. What makes her family’s story even more impressive is that when her husband and her began, they weren’t on the same page as how to reach that goal.

Finally we’ll go over some tips to effectively compromise so both of you are happy with whatever plan you come up with.

Like I mentioned on the show, I believe that having examples from other couples can be a huge help with having more productive money talks.

One of my favorite podcasts on that topic is Derek and Carrie’s Better Conversations on Money and Marriage. They’re a fun couple to listen to as they discuss real issues they’ve faced as a team.

Thoughts on Avoiding Money Fights

How do the two of you talk about money without it becoming a fight? What money crisis did you face together and how have you grown from it? Do you have any podcasts, blogs, or resource you mention and share that does a great job tackling couples and money?

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