How to Travel for Free….With Kids

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Looking to travel more, but find it tough with kids? Learn how travel hacking can score you great deals on your family trips! 

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Travel Hacking with KidsDan Miller from Points with a Crew how your family can travel for free or cheaply.

Chatting with friends about goals for this year, many of them mention that they want to travel more. The major hold up for most? Their budget. Flying as a couple may be feasible, but when you add kids to the mix it can be a financial challenge.

Today’s show will hopefully help you keep more money in your pocket and still have your family seeing the big world around. Dan Miller, from Points With a Crew, will share his travel hacks and recommendations.

In today’s episode he shares:

  • how to choose the right reward cards
  • staying out of debt while staying on top of their credit cards
  • tips on getting kids ready for traveling

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Resources on Free Family Travel dan from Points with a Crew shows how they travel free with six kids!

Even though Dan is still relatively new travel hacking he has snagged some wonderful trips for his family.

He not only has managed to get his entire family plane tickets to Lake Tahoe, he and his wife have also planned a train ride this summer that will take them from Cincinnati, Ohio to Denver, Colorado.

If you want to find out more about how Dan and his family travels, please check out Points With a Crew.  He has plenty of articles to help you get started with travel hacking. Here a few he mentioned in the podcast.

You can also chat with Dan; he’s on Facebook and Twitter.


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I will say that there are definitely some challenges to traveling with a family of 8 (anywhere!) That was the same trip where a fellow passenger told my wife and I that “we were the type of people that shouldn’t have children”. 🙂

So it’s not all wine and roses 🙂

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