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Investing Made Simple with Mike Piper

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Want to easily set-up your retirement accounts without having to stress over it? Certified Public Accountant and author Mike Piper shares how index investing can help your achieve your investing goals. 

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Today we’re at #5 of the top 10 episodes of the Couple Money Podcast!

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Index Investing and You


Investing can be a tricky subject for many with all the noise out there on what’s stock hot or which mutual is about to rebound.

When I was putting together this episode my goal was to give you a few principles and resources that could get you set up with retirement investing even if you didn’t have a lot of money start off with.

During the interview Mike goes over a few essentials on investing, including:

  • advantages of index funds
  • what asset allocation is
  • when robo-advisors can be helpful
  • what to do when your 401(k) doesn’t offer index funds

Hope you enjoy!

Simple and Effective Investing with Mike PiperWant to easily set-up your retirement accounts without having to stress over it? Certified Financial Planner and author Mike Piper shares how index investing can help your acheive your investing goals.

Mike Piper has been helping people with their investing and more as a Certified Public Accountant and as personal finance author.

He founded Oblivious Investor and is a contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine.

Looking for more information about investing? Please check out his posts on: 

Start Investing Today

If you haven’t already, open an IRA today. There are plenty of options out there – we use Vanguard and Betterment for our IRAs.

Setting them up was easy and the service has been wonderful with both companies.

Vanguard and Betterment offer you a way to invest effectively and efficiently with index funds and ETFs.

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