Mastering Your Small Business Finances Even If You’re a Busy Entrepreneur

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Ready to launch or grow your business? Learn how you can master your small business’ finances even if you’re a busy entrepreneur!

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Small Business Finances

Whether you have a business or preparing to start one, you know that it takes quite a bit to get things rolling.

Not only do you have to work on the front end- so to speak  – producing the product or service you’re selling, but you also have to be smart about the back end stuff. One key component? Finances.

Quite simply getting the money squared away makes sure you’re actually running a business and not an expensive hobby.

I shared a little bit of my story in past episodes, which I hope gives a glimpse of what to expect. However, it’s limited to my own business which may be different from yours.

I know someone who has the breadth and depth of skills and can show you the ropes.

Today small business coach and author Sylvia Moe Inks is on the show to share her knowledge. We’re going to discuss:

  • the biggest mistakes small business owners make (& how to avoid them)
  • creating a system to make taxes much easier
  • a tool to cut down on the back and forth of emails

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Gain Control Over Your Spending

If you two are ready to start or grow your business, here are some resources to check out:

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