How to Retire Early as a Couple with Root of Good

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Learn how you two can retire early as Justin from Root of Good shares how he and his wife did it with three kids at home. Learn how to optimize your biggest expenses so you can build up your wealth faster and have more time for your family.

Financial Independence and Early Retirement as Parents

retire early parents family couple money podcast Do you have a millionaire next door? I discovered that someone in the next neighborhood over is. Just like Thomas Stanley’s shared in his book, my near neighbor has traits that have been made him able to retire early. Like at 33. And he and his wife are parents to three school aged kids. If you’re looking to not only building your wealth, but having more time for your family, please save this episode. Justin from Root of Good is on the show to help you start becoming financially independent. In this episode, we get into:
  • the three expenses to master so you can retire earlier
  • how to find a house that will be a home and help you build wealth
  • how simplify investing and grow your portfolio
I hope you enjoy!

Root of Good: Family & Financial Independence

Last week Justin celebrated a milestone – it had been 1,000 days since retired in his early thirties. Besides being financially independent, what makes his journey even better – at least to me – is that he and his wife were able to do build their wealth with three kids at home. The good news is us is with his new freedom, Justin finally had time to start a new project.

Resources on Financial Independence and More

If you’re looking at retiring early or mastering your expenses, here some articles and podcast shows to check out!

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