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Where Carl Richards Gets His Sketch Ideas

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Carl Richards, a Certified Financial Planner, has a knack for using sketches to break down money concepts into the fundamentals.

They have helped readers gain a better understanding on how to not let their emotions cloud their investing decisions, figuring out their financial needs, and how to weigh the value of time and money.

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Numbers Vs EmotionsOne-Page-Financial-Plan

With his sketches Carl bypasses long posts about what people should be doing with their money and instead shines a light on the fears and questions we have about money.

When we were talking about his new book The One Page Financial Plan, I asked him where he got his sketch ideas and how long it takes to go from idea to being posted in the NY Times.

Some of my favorite sketches Carl has done are included with his money column in the NY Times.

Thanks again to Carl Richards for chatting with me for the podcast. If you want to see more of his sketches, please visit Behavior Gap.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take care!

Photo Credit: Behavior Gap

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